Correct the grammar of

an entire book in

5 minutes

Tired of splitting your large text in the ChatGPT UI? I'll segment the text for you, enabling bulk corrections.


ChatGPT can fix every error in your text, from grammar to spelling.


It's limited to 8000 tokens, approximately 12'000 characters in input !

So you have to copy-paste 🥱

That's why I created Bulk Corrector, which will segment your text into manageable pieces for bulk corrections.

Try now!

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Bulk corrections

Correct your entire text in one go. It can be a book, a blog post or a letter (anything that is text).

Bulk translations

You can translate your entire text in one go. You can do everything AI can do with custom prompts.


Fair and straightforward pricing.


Everything you need as a small writer

  • Max 32'000 characters
  • 10-history limit
  • Only pre-defined prompts
Lifetime deal

Premium $29 $49

Everything you need as a professional writer

  • Unlimited document size
  • Custom prompts
  • Translations in all languages with your prompts
  • Your library of custom prompts
  • Full access to history (currently limited to 10)